About Yuri Wong

Yuri Wong is an award-winning composer and music producer for Films, TV and more. His memorable theme songs have reached millions of audiences around the world, creating lasting bonds to the characters and shows that they were created for. His knowledge of various musical genres and ability to play multiple instruments prove useful, allowing his work to suit a multitude of styles.

In 2007, Yuri created the theme song for the animated TV series Upin & Ipin, which became a huge success. Shortly after, he was tasked to compose the music for the trailer for the film Geng, featuring the two well-loved characters. The trailer was very well received and in 2009, Yuri composed the music score for the film Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula, which won Best Music/Score at the Kre8tif! Awards and was nominated for Best Film Score at the 22nd Malaysian Film Festival. The momentum continued with Yuri creating music and theme songs for popular TV shows like Oh My English, Elly & Epit and BoBoiBoy, which won Best Theme Song at the Animation Creators Awards 2011. He also produced the music for the increasingly popular Didi and Friends. Recently, he composed the score for BoBoiBoy: The Movie, which broke box office records and received rave reviews from the critics.

Yuri has also created songs for brands like Burger King, Nike, Chivas Regal and Guinness. He has scored multiple commercials, from the orchestral teaser for Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed II to the KPop-inspired single for Clean & Clear. His music work also extends to producing singles for artistes, working with stars from across the region as far as Africa. Artistes he has produced and collaborated with include Ash Nair, Amanda Imani, Kyoto Protocol, Chelsia Ng and Dennis Lau.

Yuri's music career started in 2004 when his band won Astro's Blast Off band competition, catapulting them into the limelight. Their first single, 'Girl', hit number 1 on the Malaysian Top 10 charts and was featured in the soundtrack for Gol & Gincu, directed by acclaimed director Bernard Chauly. Their follow up single 'Fame & Glory' was also featured in the film. During that time, Yuri honed his skill as a producer and composer at a well-regarded music studio, working on commercials and campaigns. A few years later he started his own studio, The Factory, which is the base of his operations to date.